Bored with the same old same

Seriously need some excitement in my life it’s actually that boring I feel like a walking dead person, don’t get me wrong opportunities have presented themselves but for some strange reason I haven’t pursued!
Take last weekend for instance first time I’ve been out in town for ages got myself all dolled up as one does and was ready to hit the bar hard!! Lol oh I certainly did that not literally of course but I made sure I had every drink that was available lol oh and I kept it all down which was a first for me, anyways making my moves on the dance floor I was joined by quite a few young lads which thinking back now is actually making me smile, somehow I was persuaded to get on stage and dance with them lol yes THEM! About 5 in total talk about lucky night 😉 but here comes the switch as much as they were all very tasty and we did swap numbers I haven’t even bothered with one of them! I really do think that my mojo has taken a taxi and left the building, like yesterday someone which i have met recently that is older then me (that’s a first too lol) has asked me out on a date for next week you’d think I’d jump at the chance but again I really can’t be bothered seriously dont know what’s up with me?? Carry on like this and I’ll be on my own forever!! Hmmm not sure how to get that spark back, that fire and passion I once had? Not sure at all.



What a day! So far I’ve had two nights of waking up during the night then getting up at 6:30 to start the day is killing me, I love my sleep but lately it’s been totally off mainly due to back ache and not being able to switch this mash up brain of mine off. It’s been really emotional today where I’ve had to just stay in bed and cry it all out! My saviours were indeed my friends always there for me when I need them, I can honestly say my absolute true friends I can count on one hand! I’ve had a very hard time over the years with trusting the wrong people which in turn stabbed me in the back but the friends now are on a totally different level, I always think I can handle everything that is thrown at me, most of the time I can but I think it’s been such a big build up for me I just exploded, pent up emotions were unleashed with a hurricane of tears which i preferred to a hurricane of words! not so much of a soldier today but as the day went on and I spoke to my friends I actually do feel loads better just need another cup of tea, early night and a good nights sleep here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Another day of clouds..

Sat at my local costa coffee enjoying my caramel latte thinking over past issues and whether to resolve them or let them be? My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning at all well at the moment not sure whether its due to the fact of Mercury retrograde or because its focused elsewhere other then the tasks in hand. I didn’t sleep well last night woke up 3 times plus my back has started to ache again I’m definitely falling apart lol,I need a ray of sunshine back in my life for sure but what if that ray of sunshine only burns you and doesn’t light your life up like one is hoping? Is it a risk worth taking? So many questions not enough answers apart from leave things to time.


Mercury Retrograde

Here we go mercury starts its backward motion today so expect delays in travel, delays in communication, mail going missing, vehicle problems and lots more! This transit happens 3 times a year for a 3 week cycle so being prepared for this transit is a must….

Taken from Astrology. Com…..

November 6: Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius
Whenever Mercury turns retrograde, misunderstandings are plentiful. Equipment related to communication — such as computers, phones, even voting machines — have a tendency to break down. When Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius, people argue about ethics, morals and who’s right and wrong. And when Mercury changes direction on the day of a USA Presidential election (as it did in 2000), things take time to sort out. Since this is an infamous time for people to make mistakes, carefully weigh any pros and cons before making important decisions or signing contracts. If possible, avoid buying communication-related products; if you do make a purchase, be sure to keep your receipt. Traveling today? Be sure to double-check your reservations. If you know which house or houses in your birth chart through which Mercury is traveling, apply this review to that area of your life. Mercury turns direct on November 26.

Not a long blog today I’m off sorts not really one with the world as one might say! Maybe mercury being in my communication sector has put a hold on It lol anyways hope you all have a good day and just go careful the next 3 weeks.


Oh please how hard is it to set up a bonfire? In my case very hard lol, I’ve gone and piled whatever bits of wood I can find and placed it in the middle of the garden but don’t know how to get the fire going lol think I’ll leave it to be honest as knowing me I’ll cause a huge blaze set the fence alight then burn the house down.
On another note My back is nearly better thank god which means I am at last mobile again so I’m hoping a night out will be on the cards as I’m going insane being stuck indoors maybe might be in luck and pull myself a cracker (I’ve got more chance in pulling a muscle really) anyways that’s that for now my cherry pies. 🙂

To date or not to date?

Hmmm been thinking lately whether I want to throw myself into the dating game or not? Bit two minded about it, one part of me wants too as I feel the time is right to meet someone but the other part of me is saying don’t bother as I just can’t seem to trust the male kind anymore, I’ve been through so much hurt and pain plus I’ve lost all my confidence I just cant seem to decide on what to do? I know all males aren’t the same but do I really need to get my heart broken falling for a person every time for it not too lead anywhere until I do find the right one? I dunno I can’t sit around and wait for someone to fall into my lap lol, it’s difficult these days to find someone that isn’t after just sex! It seems to be an all screw nation no one wants to date then if all is good settle with each other they’re more interested in a quick shag and that’s it! There is a saying “since sex got easier to get, love got harder to find” such true words.
Not sure on this think I’ll let it lay for a bit until someone steps up.



Back home finally!
Took a trip down to the hood which is also known as Lee in Lewisham today to see my mum and dad with the kids, mum did her usual thing of making sure she fed us and cooked up a lovely meal with a delicious dessert for afters. Once you enter a Turkish household if you don’t finish what’s on your plate its seen as a massive insult so I can definitely say I’m totally stuffed right out lol put on another stone for sure I’d rather that then get a smack around the head with a slipper for not eating lol.
So glad I’m home although I love the old goats there’s no place like my own home where I can put my onesie on and chill out in front of the telly, the drive isn’t that long around 35-40 mins depending on traffic really knackers me out especially this time of year for some reason but its worth it. Anyways I’ve added some pictures of the food.. traditional Turkish food 🙂

Fırın kebab


Tel kadayıf



Turkish coffee