What’s the koo?

So what’s the koo for today then? Well started off with watching a really good movie called STUPID CRAZY LOVE.. Now I’m no fan of chick flicks or Rom coms I’m more into psychological thrillers but when I saw that the very funny Steve Carell was in this movie I had to watch it and to be fair it didn’t disappoint, mixed up emotions one minute I was laughing my head off next I was crying like a soppy teenager and I totally loved the twist towards the end of the film I definitely recommend a watch.
As you all know I’ve been suffering with my back pain and not been out the house for a week but finally today I put my face on (get to my age and that’s a must) and went out to the local shopping centre, no intentions of buying anything just a wonder around bit of fresh air and all that jazz so just now got in and chilling out waiting for my jacket potato to cook! That’s it really nothing exciting to report apart from blocking an old “friend” from Facebook that I said goodbye to over a year ago and decides to come back for unknown reasons?? Idiot! When we want to put an end to any sort of relationship we make sure we block any form of communication but when we want that relationship to stay around all communications stay open.. That I will talk about another time my dear friends but for now I can hear my spud calling. 🙂


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