Back home finally!
Took a trip down to the hood which is also known as Lee in Lewisham today to see my mum and dad with the kids, mum did her usual thing of making sure she fed us and cooked up a lovely meal with a delicious dessert for afters. Once you enter a Turkish household if you don’t finish what’s on your plate its seen as a massive insult so I can definitely say I’m totally stuffed right out lol put on another stone for sure I’d rather that then get a smack around the head with a slipper for not eating lol.
So glad I’m home although I love the old goats there’s no place like my own home where I can put my onesie on and chill out in front of the telly, the drive isn’t that long around 35-40 mins depending on traffic really knackers me out especially this time of year for some reason but its worth it. Anyways I’ve added some pictures of the food.. traditional Turkish food 🙂

Fırın kebab


Tel kadayıf



Turkish coffee