Bored with the same old same

Seriously need some excitement in my life it’s actually that boring I feel like a walking dead person, don’t get me wrong opportunities have presented themselves but for some strange reason I haven’t pursued!
Take last weekend for instance first time I’ve been out in town for ages got myself all dolled up as one does and was ready to hit the bar hard!! Lol oh I certainly did that not literally of course but I made sure I had every drink that was available lol oh and I kept it all down which was a first for me, anyways making my moves on the dance floor I was joined by quite a few young lads which thinking back now is actually making me smile, somehow I was persuaded to get on stage and dance with them lol yes THEM! About 5 in total talk about lucky night 😉 but here comes the switch as much as they were all very tasty and we did swap numbers I haven’t even bothered with one of them! I really do think that my mojo has taken a taxi and left the building, like yesterday someone which i have met recently that is older then me (that’s a first too lol) has asked me out on a date for next week you’d think I’d jump at the chance but again I really can’t be bothered seriously dont know what’s up with me?? Carry on like this and I’ll be on my own forever!! Hmmm not sure how to get that spark back, that fire and passion I once had? Not sure at all.


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