It feels like bedtime

Well my dears while others are putting on their glad rags and boarding the jäger train I myself am getting ready to go rest my head and escape into the land of dreams where my Prince Charming awaits. Been an alright day nothing exciting Hammers played against Man City which i couldn’t watch as it was on ESPN channel so it was keeping up to date via Facebook commentary thanks to my hammer pals lol, best part of the day being the kids coming back home, I tell you something when the kids get in life is restored once again in this house it’s awful when they’re not here its too quite, lonely and dull!
I’ve just been listening to Ushers Bedtime it’s from the album My Way, I absolutely adore Usher my favourite singer I was gutted when I couldn’t go to his concert maybe next time he comes over. It’s such a lovely song with some beautiful lyrics got me all emotional again but in a good way, me and my emotional states lol 🙂 (click link to go to the video)
Usher Bedtime

Anyways need to get an early one I’m off to the hood that is Lewisham tomorrow to see the family sure enough mum is gonna cook something nice so yea I’ll blog it up tomorrow oh and here’s an updated picture of me! Not bad for an old girl ey if I must say so myself 🙂 … Nighty night.



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