It’s Friday??…..

And what? When your a parent and the weekend is fast approaching or on us unfortunately it makes no difference whatsoever! Everyday seems to be the same old routine so whilst others are jumping in joy and shouting hallelujah it’s Friday let’s get our party on us mothers and fathers sit back in an unemotional state and deal with yet another mundane boring Friday and saturday night in front of the box whilst the kids are running around screaming and shouting mainly at each other. Alright maybe sometimes it’s not as bad as that, like tonight the kids are staying over at their dads so one would think I’d be getting all excited for some Friday night frolics down the local club with lads half my age that only want a blow job at the back of the bins lol (I’m not talking from experience by the way lol) or a quick how’s ya father back at my place cos I’m a woman with a house! Lol that is no way on the agenda, for me I’m preferring to stay in cook myself a nice meal which will be stuffed chicken breast and couscous whilst watching something from the sky on demand film collection then maybe an early night, I would absolutely love some male company I’d even cook for them (cos I’m cool like that) but no such luck at the moment they’re either snuggled up with girlfriends and wives or single lads that just want sex and that’s it, so for now until the love of my life decides to join me, tonight dinner and DVD for one is the plan.



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