What a day! So far I’ve had two nights of waking up during the night then getting up at 6:30 to start the day is killing me, I love my sleep but lately it’s been totally off mainly due to back ache and not being able to switch this mash up brain of mine off. It’s been really emotional today where I’ve had to just stay in bed and cry it all out! My saviours were indeed my friends always there for me when I need them, I can honestly say my absolute true friends I can count on one hand! I’ve had a very hard time over the years with trusting the wrong people which in turn stabbed me in the back but the friends now are on a totally different level, I always think I can handle everything that is thrown at me, most of the time I can but I think it’s been such a big build up for me I just exploded, pent up emotions were unleashed with a hurricane of tears which i preferred to a hurricane of words! not so much of a soldier today but as the day went on and I spoke to my friends I actually do feel loads better just need another cup of tea, early night and a good nights sleep here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Another day of clouds..

Sat at my local costa coffee enjoying my caramel latte thinking over past issues and whether to resolve them or let them be? My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning at all well at the moment not sure whether its due to the fact of Mercury retrograde or because its focused elsewhere other then the tasks in hand. I didn’t sleep well last night woke up 3 times plus my back has started to ache again I’m definitely falling apart lol,I need a ray of sunshine back in my life for sure but what if that ray of sunshine only burns you and doesn’t light your life up like one is hoping? Is it a risk worth taking? So many questions not enough answers apart from leave things to time.