Mercury Retrograde

Here we go mercury starts its backward motion today so expect delays in travel, delays in communication, mail going missing, vehicle problems and lots more! This transit happens 3 times a year for a 3 week cycle so being prepared for this transit is a must….

Taken from Astrology. Com…..

November 6: Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius
Whenever Mercury turns retrograde, misunderstandings are plentiful. Equipment related to communication — such as computers, phones, even voting machines — have a tendency to break down. When Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius, people argue about ethics, morals and who’s right and wrong. And when Mercury changes direction on the day of a USA Presidential election (as it did in 2000), things take time to sort out. Since this is an infamous time for people to make mistakes, carefully weigh any pros and cons before making important decisions or signing contracts. If possible, avoid buying communication-related products; if you do make a purchase, be sure to keep your receipt. Traveling today? Be sure to double-check your reservations. If you know which house or houses in your birth chart through which Mercury is traveling, apply this review to that area of your life. Mercury turns direct on November 26.

Not a long blog today I’m off sorts not really one with the world as one might say! Maybe mercury being in my communication sector has put a hold on It lol anyways hope you all have a good day and just go careful the next 3 weeks.