To date or not to date?

Hmmm been thinking lately whether I want to throw myself into the dating game or not? Bit two minded about it, one part of me wants too as I feel the time is right to meet someone but the other part of me is saying don’t bother as I just can’t seem to trust the male kind anymore, I’ve been through so much hurt and pain plus I’ve lost all my confidence I just cant seem to decide on what to do? I know all males aren’t the same but do I really need to get my heart broken falling for a person every time for it not too lead anywhere until I do find the right one? I dunno I can’t sit around and wait for someone to fall into my lap lol, it’s difficult these days to find someone that isn’t after just sex! It seems to be an all screw nation no one wants to date then if all is good settle with each other they’re more interested in a quick shag and that’s it! There is a saying “since sex got easier to get, love got harder to find” such true words.
Not sure on this think I’ll let it lay for a bit until someone steps up.



Don’t say a word…

I get so frustrated when I can’t say what I want to say or share my thoughts the way I want too just so others don’t get upset or get things twisted or understand the wrong way, like I could say “I love you” only because at that moment I just feel the love but can’t really say it due to people thinking its actually specifically aimed at them or “I hate you” again the same thing happening.. Dunno it’s really difficult expressing myself as I don’t want to upset or hurt anyone or even give the wrong impression so choosing my words wisely is mainly on the agenda at the minute lol, the way I can express myself seems to be via song lyrics and those pictures you get on Facebook with meaningful words on them.. Here’s some that I like below




I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, I fall so easily as well as hurt easy but like I say such is life…