Pull myself together

I don’t really know where to start the kids dad picked them up earlier for a half day visit his choice and happened to mention that he’s applied for a divorce and the paperwork is on its way! Now ok we’ve been separated for the last near on 3 years and one would think I’d be full of joy but on the contrary I’m actually full of sadness not because I’m still in love with the man or that I want him back or even still have feelings for him it’s the fact the 10 years I gave him, the children I had for him, being disowned by my family for him, to leave my friends my home everything and to sign a bit of paper to throw all that away is so very hard to do I just don’t feel ready! I will sign it eventually in my own time but for now I have no intentions on doing so.. I need to cry it out then pull the curtains (which was once said by a very special friend of mine lol) and try to get on.


(Still at least my sense of humour is still in check)



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