People on benefits..

I’m getting sick and tired of people on benefits being tarred with the same brush! All i see is bad press and bad comments about this issue People on benefits are on it for there own reasons most of us don’t spend our money on designer clothes, our hair, expensive jewellery, makeup, drink, drugs and clubbing like very small minded people think! The money we get which we are clearly entitled too is to help us with keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table, yea you could say well go out and work, with the cost of childcare and lack of suitable jobs there’s no chance! The only people that get this are the ones in the horrid situation of being left as single parents which 90% of the time isn’t out of choice and disabled people everyone else are so quick to criticise and belittle us! If we are entitled to benefits why not take it? That’s what it’s there for!! Angers me so much…

I’ve been raised with the mindset that a woman’s place is in the home which I totally stand by I’d rather be home and make sure I’m there for my children then be out until ungodly hours working my arse off for pittance while my kids run the streets!! No no no! If its there I’m gonna take it and know my kids are safe indoors with me there with them.


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