My Facebook

I realised today that I don’t actually update my Facebook status as much as I use to, you could guarantee that in one day there would be at least 15 updates maybe more which annoyed the hell out of some people and entertained others especially when it was quite xrated stuff lol but lately I’ve kept quite I feel like I’ve lost my sparkle my sense of fun which could be down to all sorts of reasons mainly it being emotionally linked to the male kind!
I get to a point sometimes that I just want to hide not share anything with the world and escape into my own inner world I feel safe there where I Won’t get hurt by nasty horrible self centred shallow small minded people. People that know me well know that when I go quite there’s usually something not quite right as I’m such an extrovert outspoken happy go lucky woman but like I say lately I’ve felt the need to just keep myself to myself until the time is right to shine again.


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