Man V Food

Ok I admit it I Love Man V Food program lol to think that only a week ago I was blasting it for being so disgusting that now I’ve actually got it on series record on sky. I blame my son and my dad as they love watching the program and its on most of the time (thats if my son isn’t embroiled in a game of FIFA 13 on the xbox) What has made me change my mind? Well it has to be the actual food and not the challenge of eating ridiculously hot sticky gooey food, it’s more to do with the immense variety of food and how they mix the flavours how they cook it up like the methods of cooking etc.. I would love to take up a challenge for me it would have to do with a slab of meat lol being a typical Turk we love our meats especially lamb so I have no doubt in my mind I’ll lick the plate clean lol, the worst bit of that program is when people get all the sauce around their mouth sometimes face OMG it makes me gag I can’t look I have to swiftly look away proper makes me feel sick but apart from that its actually quite a good watch.


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