Halloween so overrated

Don’t get me started on this most useless day of the year, why oh why are we so fascinated in a day that celebrates The devil, witches and the dead? The money that people spend on this day is absolutely ridiculous I mean come on people we’ve got bonfire night in a few days which again stupid people will go out an spend hundreds of pounds just to blow their money in the night sky then go on to moan they haven’t any money for Christmas then go on to blame the government lol!! Oh and what about the fancy dress? boys dressing as women which yes is very scary but women dressing up as sluts? I thought we got past that as i haven’t seen much slutty outfits but please what I saw the other day shocked me to the core! When i mean slutty i mean girls in underwear like lacy little numbers that would be more appropriate in Madame whiplash’s whore house, what the hell is dressing up as a slut got to do with halloween? seriously! I myself won’t be celebrating this day I refuse to open the door to anyone that knocks and yes I have put out a sign on the door, I’d rather sit in cosy up with my children and stuff our faces with the sweets I brought for us.. And what?? Lol.



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