Why West Ham?

Why West Ham? Well I’ve been a Chelsea supporter for the last 30 years (bloody hell that’s a long time) and due to their poor performance the last couple of years I really did fancy a change but didn’t really know which team to start supporting. I don’t really like any of the premiership teams so started to have a look at the lower league teams and came across the hammers šŸ™‚ late 2011, now some people especially my brothers disagree with this but I wasn’t influenced in any way shape or form by anyone to support the hammers lol!!! Yes it’s true my neighbours support them and maybe a couple of friends but that’s it I chose them because they sparkled šŸ™‚ beautiful performance near on every game and that’s what I like excitement in a football match keeps the fans on their toes that’s what it’s about for me, since being in the premiership they really are doing well but so far haven’t come up against the big clubs which is the real test! I’ve really wanted to go watch some home games but unfortunately not having anyone to go with is a problem, I did go watch some of the Chelsea and Tottenham games at their home grounds but haven’t been for years šŸ˜¦ oh well there’s still hope maybe next season but for now instead of shouting from the terraces the referee is a wanker I tend to shout it from the comfort of my own home!! COME ON YOU IRONS



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