Dilaraz Persians 2005-2009

Dilaraz was my breeder/cattery name and was registered with the GCCF in 2005 I decided to join the cat fancy show and breed beautiful bi colour Persians due to the fact I had a passion for the breed!
I purchased my first two females a blue and white and a blue tortie and white back in 05 from a breeder in Doncaster, to be honest I should of brought in the best but decided on standard due to cost although the girls did produce some nice babies that’s all they were just nice! Not at the standard one would expect to put into the show ring.. Anyways out of the first breeding from my blue and white girl Lucy was a stunning little girl I kept and named Asena her pedigree name being Dilaraz Asena she was absolutely stunning and done very well in the show ring until the time came to retire her!
I went on to breed beautiful Persian cats both as show cats and pets that went to brilliant homes I do miss having the cats and kittens running around but couldn’t afford to keep them after my marriage fell apart 😦 I also imported a beautiful stud cat from Germany which I went over and collected a stunning blue and white boy I also exported one of my kittens to a breeder in Sweden πŸ™‚ my adorable red and white boy Jasper!
I stopped breeding the cats late 2009 and to be honest it broke my heart as I couldn’t accomplish what I set out to do which was to breed the rare odd eyed colour bi colour Persians, I spent so much money on the cattery and buying in the cats with certain pedigrees but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be it didn’t help that my ex wasn’t really supportive of my hobby he would constantly moan about them never did truly support me which to be honest in my opinion if your partner has absolutely no interest in what you do then things never work out so for me it’s very important that the next person I get with we definitely need to have the same if not very similar interests..
I’ve added some pictures of my own babies I bred, I did build my own website from scratch none of these build a website with a template rubbish lol I had it running for years all the pictures and info was on that it was a very successful site had a lot of traffic to it I was also proud of doing that as I taught myself but I took it down when I stopped breeding and although its been 3 years since Dilaraz stopped till this day I still get kitten calls which says something πŸ™‚ I do miss those days something I will cherish forever.








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