Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

Three words that have plagued me for most of my adult life! Anxiety, panic attacks and depression! (Well 4 words lol) From the age of 21 I’ve suffered mild forms of the above it didn’t really get bad until I fell pregnant with each of my children, I suffered with postnatal depression with each of my pregnancies it was very difficult times I had no support whatsoever be it emotional or medical I just soldier on with it! My ex wasn’t supportive actually looking back I got no support from him I was the rock throughout the marriage, I don’t want to slate the man I’m just being honest that’s exactly how it was very sad times indeed. I still suffer from panic attacks, I’ve learnt to deal with the depression and anxiety the worst bout of depression was in 2010 when I had two breakdowns due to my marriage breakdown, being left to raise 3 children completely on ones own is the most difficult job to do so when people say oh you dont work well in my eyes I do! I raise my children with no support and no help from anyone even family just me myself and I!! It wasn’t only my life that fell apart near on 3 years ago it was theirs too since then I’ve been picking up the pieces and rebuilding our lives.
I’m getting there 🙂 I’m happier then I have been for a long time more content, I still get my odd days when I do feel down but I’ve never let the depression beat me! I still have the odd panic attack but that’s when I get really riled up I can sort of control it when it happens although its horrible I do get over it.
The only advice I can give someone who suffers with depression is to seek help, is to open up to family and friends don’t suffer in silence there is help out there you just have to push for it in some cases, you will get through it you do get through it just believe in yourself.


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