Deactivation and Activation of Facebook

So this one I need to talk about as quite a few people have their view on this mine being totally different to everyone else lol, ok so why do I deactivate then activate my Facebook? Which has become habit lol.
Well it isn’t attention seeking like what some small minded people may think! It’s actually because sometimes having a complete break away without the distractions from it works wonders for ones mind and in some cases ones well being! It gets to a point where I actually feel like I’m going to verbally explode and write things I’ll later regret so the best thing to do is to hide away for a couple of weeks then start again. I always activate it up again as I for one like to socially network I’ve met most of my friends on Facebook mainly good people and some bad too! Some I’ve known for years and not actually met in real life which happens due to distance in most cases but when it’s used in the right way Facebook is really good!
I’ll probably deactivate again at some point when things get too much lol depends on my mood but yea it’s nothing to do with attention seeking like I say sometimes having time away is what’s needed…..


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