All about me

Well where shall I start? Maybe at the beginning? Hmmm ok here it goes.. My name is Leyla Ley I’m 36 years young and have 3 beautiful children that I’m very proud of. I was born and raised in London started my life off in Deptford moved to Peckham when I was 3 years old then at the age of 10 right up until the age of 22 I lived in Lee Lewisham with my family. I’m Turkish my dad is from Turkey and Mum from Northern Cyprus although I’m a born an all out Londoner I have been raised the very traditional Strict Turkish way, I had a really good childhood but growing up in London as a teen wasn’t all fun and games it was very difficult as my parents believed and to be honest back in the day Turkish culture meant young girls would stay at home, not go clubbing, not have boyfriends and not really have a social life at all!! (Although things now are so very much different!) That’s probably what lead me to elope with my now estranged husband guess it was more of a rebellious situation more then anything, I don’t ever regret doing what I did because I’ve got 3 beautiful children from it and some very good memories the only regret was hurting my parents the way I did they didn’t deserve it! I understand this more now that I’m a parent myself! What am I up to now? Well I’m now single have been for nearly 3 years mainly out of choice currently I’m just plodding along as one does trying my best to raise my children the right way, trying really hard to be strong and positive hoping that they are as proud of me as I am of them… TBC …….


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